Replacement Pole Labels

Weight labels on pole vault poles manufactured by Gill Athletics that have become worn or unreadable should be replaced. We will supply a replacement label for a $5 processing fee if the information below is provided and a school official attests to the condition of the pole and the accuracy of the Required Information, or if the pole is owned by an individual who is a minor, the parent and guardian of such individual.

In supplying the replacement label, Gill Athletics, Inc. is not making any representations or warranties as to the structural integrity of the pole. If there is any question about the structural integrity of the pole it should not be used and should be sent back to Gill for recertification. A replacement label cannot be supplied for any pole that has been altered or cut off.

By requesting a new label, you are attesting that the vault pole has not been altered or cut off and that the Required Information provided below as to that pole is true and correct. Additionally, you are assuming sole responsibility to see that the new label is promptly and properly affixed to the vault pole for which the required information is provided.

All online orders must be paid by credit card.
If you need help or have questions, contact Mike Willard,

* Pole Make/Brand: Shipping: (Ships 1/24/2020)
Poles manufactured since 2003 have an embedded bar code listing the model number and serial number.
Poles manufactured prior to 2003 have engraved data at the top of the pole. Copy the data Exactly as it is engraved here:
155 1/31/02
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