Gill Athletics Announce Nordic Javelin Partnership

Gill Athletics announces an agreement to be the exclusive North American distributor of all Nordic brand javelins.  This partnership provides Gill Athletics dealers and customers in North America the top performing javelin brands in the world; Gill Athletics OTE and Nordic Sport’s Nordic javelins. The 2012 Olympic women’s gold medal was won with an OTE javelin while the men’s gold medal was won with a Nordic javelin.

“We are thrilled to partner the OTE javelin and the Nordic Elite javelin together,” said Gill Athletics’ CEO David Hodge. “The advantage to javelin programs in North America is increased inventory for immediate delivery, along with a superior choice for all your javelin needs.”

Gill Athletics will now be the choice for championship javelins at all levels. Gill manufacturers the elite level OTE javelins, as well as championship brands Pacer and Gill javelins. Nordic manufacturers the Elite Carbon Competition, Elite, and Aluminum javelins. Both companies will also represent in rubber tipped versions.

“This partnership coupled with our extensive industry leading dealer network, javelin programs throughout North America are empowered with the most innovative javelins in the world, with the world’s best customer service,” said Gill Athletics’ Business Development Manager, Mike Cunningham.

Gill Athletics Announced as NFHS Corporate Partner

Gill Athletics, the oldest and largest manufacturer of track and field equipment in the United States and around the world, has entered into a three-year agreement with the National Federation of State High School Associations as an NFHS Corporate Partner.  Read more HERE.